Hello Everyone!

           I hope you all enjoyed a wonderful summer! It was amazing to see everyone out and about, taking full advantage of all the offerings at the Club. The waterfront was bustling, the Quarterdeck and Boat Bar were hopping and the tennis and golf programming were in top form. I hope that you all enjoyed it to the max—and here’s wishing for a warm start the Fall to extend our “summer” for a few more weeks!

The Hully Gully was once again a fantastic event and I have heard from a number of you with positive comments about the food, the band and the over quality - thanks for sharing, and feel free to share your feedback with the entire team—Chef Adam, Kristin, Mike and the rest of the staff. Looking forward to next year!

With schools of all levels in full motion and the start of spots and fall events. I hope you all continue to find time to come out to the Club and enjoy all the great amenities that are at your fingertips—waterfront, dining, golf, racquet sports and other fun things! These next two months are typically some of the best of the year.

At the Board, we continue to work together to be good stewards of the finances of the Club as well as look to make positive investments in the Club that will add value to your experiences. Thank you for the support of our Board members and committee members who continue to volunteer time to make the Club a great place for all members, staff and visitors. A big thank you to Mike and the entire team for all they do to make our experiences around the Club ones filled with enjoyment and great memories. If you have any thoughts or comments to share about your Club experience, please let Mike or I know.

As we close the summer of ‘17, I wish you and your families all the best as you gear up for fall! Have a great one, and we’ll see you around the club soon!






         Thanks for helping us wrap up another incredible season here at the Club. We hope everyone had a great summer full of fun.

           The good news is that the end of summer ushers in the fall and, with it, all of those autumnal activities we always look forward to. For details on some of our upcoming events, be sure to check out the Social Events section of your Gull Post.

At this time o year, we like to take a moment torecognize all of the hard work and dedication of our team of employees here at GLCC. It is their passion, engagement and dedication that keeps Gull Lake Country Club moving forward and we would like to thank them for their many contributions to the club’s success.

It’s not too early to start thinking about the holiday season. The fall season always means a switch in gears with our minds shifting to school, sports and the increased pace of every day life. So now is the perfect time to start planning your holiday events. GLCC has the ideal setting for all of your entertainment needs. We are also able to cater any size holiday party at your home or business. Feel free to contact me at 269-629-9714 or

Finally, don’t forget to mark your calendars for our Annual Board Meeting, which is held on Wednesday, December 6th. The entire membership is invited. Come out to hear about the future plans for your club.

It has been quite the year so far, financially. We have hit our membership goals for the year and all the departments are staying within our budgeted guidelines so far. With four months to go towards year end, I think the Club will come out better than planned and be able to keep on reinvesting back into our facility!

Thank you for making this a great summer! We look forward to see all of you out enjoying the Club.



Dear Members and Friends,

             It’s hard to believe that summer is winding down so very fast! We’ve had an awesome summer despite the weather and other challenges Mother Nature has thrown at us. This has been one of the longest golfing seasons I can remember with the golf course opening in January, February and March this season. Members have a unique opportunity to possible play golf in all 12 months this year. Come on out to your club and enjoy the beautiful weather and the wonderful conditions we still have left this season.

Soon it will be time for our annual aerification of greens, tees, and fairways. We will start with greens on September 6th & 7th. Tees will be aerified the following week, weather permitting. We will start on fairways after tees, doing 2-4 each day until finished. We should be completely done by September 29th, weather and equipment permitting.

Core aerification is one of the dirty words of turfgrass maintenance. Give a veteran superintendent a dollar for every time he has heard, “why do you punch holes in our greens just when they start to look good” and he would be a wealthy man. Unfortunately, today’s players are even less tolerant of core aerification. This attitude has resulted in less frequent or smaller tine core aerification. An important purpose of core aeration is the physical removal of unwanted organic matter from the upper portion of the root zone. When core aeration is neglected, the upper portion of the profile can be an inhospitable place for plant roots to grow. The pore space in a dense organic layer is dominated by small, water-filled capillary pores, while the large air-filled macropores are lacking. Oxygen is necessary for the plant to carry out respiration, which is the conversion of stored food to energy. Respiration takes place in the roots and, therefore, good air exchange in the upper soil profile is vital to plant survival. Aerification of turfgrass is necessary evil (cultural practice) to maintain healthy plants. Benefits are, thatch control, compaction relief, beneficial air and gas exchange to the root zone, improved water movement, greater nutrient penetration, increased shoot and root growth and improved soil structure. All are vital to a healthy stand of grass mowed at less than .115 inches. A healthy stand of grass naturally recycles organic matter into the upper soil profile of greens when roots, shoots, stolons, and other plant parts are replaced throughout the season. This organic matter accumulation must be removed with core aeration! The medicine (aerification) does not always taste good, but a healthy patient (grass) is worth the effort and inconvenience! It is always our goal to make aerification as painless as possible. Please mark our calendars: greens aerification begins on September 6th. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Do you every wonder what happens on the golf course while you’re not around? Maybe you would just like to educate yourself more on the science behind what it takes to keep turf conditions at a championship level daily. Check out your Twitter feed for a behind the scenes look at the maintenance that takes place at your club, with pictures, short videos and detailed information to help you better understand turfgrass science at your club. Twitter handle—@GLCCTurf

A big thank you to our staff for a great job so far this season. From the turf and bunkers, to the flowers, everything looks great! If you see one of them on the course, thank them, I now they would appreciate the compliment.


Best Regards,

Jesse Shaver



Dear Members,

             It is hard to believe that it is September and the kids are going back to school, the leaves will soon be changing and the beauty of the Michigan winter is not far. The summer has been one for the record books as we have had such a great run of weather these last few months.

A special shout out to the twenty two members and their twenty two guests for a wonderful Women’s Classic. This event was a great success with special thanks to Karen Weishaar, Julie Guzy and Jan Stoner.

We saw special championships in golf in the past few weeks and offer congratulations to all the players that were lucky enough to grab wins. All of the club championships come with some drama, but this year the junior 8-11 age division took the cake. This event was tied in regulation between Luke Coffinger & Finn Mehren; this meant a sudden death playoff between the two young players. With sweaty palms, beating hearts and a large group of fellow players, the two tied the first playoff hole and moved onto the second hole where Luke nervously 2-putted from about 40 feetto secure the win. This was so much fun to watch and the two at the end displayed great gold and sportsmanship. Congrats to all the players.


Men’s Club Championship—Bret Feaster

Women’s Club Championship—Joni Ganger

Women’s Classic Champions—Ann Marie Roschek & Caitlan Stangl

Couple’s Club Championship (Gross) - Mike & Ashley Turley

Couple’s Club Championship (Net) - Joe & Kristine Mauro

Men’s Senior Club Champion—John Cooper

Junior Club Champions

9 Hole Boys—Max VanderMolen

9 Hole Girls—Kiley King

5 Hole Boys—Luke Coffinger

5 Hole Girls—Charlotte Boudeman

                 In the shop we have some really great fall gear coming in, so keep an eye out for new additions to the golf wardrobe. We look forward to everyone enjoying what we hope will be a late golf season. Don’t forget the shop credit will expire on November 30th!



Dan Urban