It’s prime time!


             It’s almost the Fourth of July and everything is in summertime “high gear” at the Gull Lake Country Club. We are a multi-faceted club and all of our summer activities are in full force. If you find that you are getting bored with the same old routine, you’re in the right place to explore new activities and to shake things up a bit!

             Our racquet sports have had an amazing level of participation with young and not-so-young members. Pickleball and junior tennis are both starting to heat up as well.

Our Yacht Club has had a great start this year with junior sailing participation being extremely high, and the racing program is well underway.

Speaking of sailboat racing… Wet & Wild Wednesday. Take some time to come out and enjoy the best alfresco dining experience in the area, at the lakeside pavilion, while watching some of the sailboat races and mingling with the sailors after the races. The GLCC staff really does this up right!

Our golf program is fantastic with the best grounds in the area and plenty of golf to be played. This year’s Men’s Invitational event was one of the biggest we’ve ever had. Junior golf is underway and as always, adult instruction is readily available.

Planning a wedding yet this summer? Well, that’s going to be a problem because our staff does such a great job and this summer has been fully booked for quite awhile. Maybe next year…

Have you had a chance to dine on the patio yet this year? With these long days, you might want to check out some later dining times to catch the sunset! Our food service staff is consistently busy in the Boat Bar, Quarterdeck and Grille. Each of these areas has a special quality that everyone should check out.




This month we lost a long time member, Alec Borden. Alec was a key member of our Yacht Club Race Committee. We will miss having him out on the water helping make every race happen like clockwork.


Also, I’m sure everyone has heard that Mike Rossen, our club general manager, is moving on to Meadowbrook Country Club in the metro Detroit area on August 1st. We wish him well taking on a top tier club challenge. Meadowbrook is getting one of the best in the business. We have formed a search committee and things are underway. If you have a great club manager in your “network” let them know that we are looking. If they are not looking for a new a challenge like this, maybe they know of someone who is!


Our planning committee for the construction of a new multi-use golf/fitness/dining facility is at work, sorting through many design and finance issues. These are tasks that normally would be done in a sequential manner, but for several reasons, interest rates and our targeted construction time being a couple of them, we are tackling everything at once.


I hope we have a design wrapped up enough for everyone to see in July and we should be able to discuss finances at about that time as well. What we have seen so far is very exciting!


Enjoy your Gull Lake Prime Time now. It doesn’t get much better than this!



Dear GLCC Membership,


           Many of you already know that I have recently accepted the GM position at Meadowbrook Country Club in Northville, MI. I’d like to extend my sincere goodbye to each and every one of you. Please know I am leaving here with mixed feelings; excited about a new opportunity, but also sad to be leaving such a special club and membership. These past 16 years, I have had the privilege to watch GLCC grow and persevere through the ups & downs. It’s been an honor to serve you and be a part of such an amazing club. I am very grateful for the relationships that have been built and that I can call many of you my friends.


I want to personally thank the Board of Directors for all they have done for me. The current Board, past Board members and committee members have given countless hours and dedicated their time and energy to bring GLCC to where it is today. On a personal note, the support and love shown to our family when we went through some of our hardest times will never be forgotten.


Not only will it be difficult leaving this membership, it will be just as hard leaving the GLCC staff. I am so thankful to have been a part of such an amazing team of employees here at GLCC. The passion and dedication they have shown through the years is second to none. I will miss this crew dearly.


With Meadowbrook less than 2 hours away, I look forward to keeping in touch. Bren and our girls, Mallory and Maddie will remain in the area until June 2019 so that Maddie can graduate at GLHS. Mallory will stay in Kalamazoo as well as she recently got her nursing degree and a new job at Bronson.


Although we will be in Northville, Kalamazoo will always be our home. This community, GLCC team and our amazing membership will always remain dear to our hearts. Thank you again for the opportunity to serve and be a part of Gull Lake Country Club. I wish each and every one of you and GLCC continued success and good health.



Mike Rossen



Dear Members and Friends,

             This year continues to be a challenge for all of us in every department this season from storms, to droughts and everything else Mother Nature can throw at us. We haven’t let anything stop us yet and your club is in wonderful shape and looking beautiful. This summer has been such a joy watching every one participate in events and out enjoying the club on such a regular basis.

I’m sure everyone is aware of the extreme weather conditions we have been faced with so far this season and the continued heat and humidity to come. This type of weather makes it very challenging for our staff to maintain the golf course and grounds. With the nighttime lows in the 70’s with high humidity, it makes for a perfect environment to harbor and nourish disease pathogens. With nighttime conditions such as this, watering at night is not advised and not healthy for the turfgrass plants. We will be doing the majority of our watering during the day, so please be patient and we are sorry for any inconvenience this may cause. You might start to see some discoloration and dry spots in the fairways simply because we are not watering at night along with the fact that we are striving to keep conditions as firm as possible in fairways this year. These spots will all come back to life as the weather starts to cool off and get back to normal. This has been an extremely challenging growing season so far and we would like you all to understand and be sensitive of the problems we are faced with in these times.

Soon it will be time for our annual aerification of greens, tees & fairways. We will start the aerification process with greens on September 5th & 6th following the Labor Day holiday weather permitting. Tees & fairways will be done in the following weeks. The whole aerification process should be completely done by September 8th weather and equipment permitting.

Cultivation or aerification of turfgrass is a necessary evil or cultural practice to maintain healthy plants. Benefits are thatch control, to relieve compaction, add amendments (sand) or modify a soil. Healthy turfgrass must have a good root system, a minimum of thatch build-up, and soil with good structure. Aerification is a mechanical method of improving the exchange of air and water between the atmosphere and soil. This exchange involves the downward movement of oxygen and water into the soil and the upward movement of carbon dioxide and other toxic gases out of the soil. Thank you for your patience and understanding during this process.

A big thank you to our staff for a great job so far this season. From the turf and bunkers, to the flowers, everything looks great! If you see one of them on the course, be sure to thank them, I know they will appreciate it.

Do your part by fixing ball marks, filling divots, raking bunkers and keeping your carts 30 feet from the greens whenever possible. It is important to remember that after you rake a bunker, please place the rake back into the bunker. Also, when you take a divot from the fairway, it is important to remember that if the chunk of turf has soil still attached please replace that; and if the divot ends up in pieces, that’s when you fill with the provided green sand. The Club is in fantastic shape and lets all do our part to keep it that way. As always, if there is anything my staff or I can do to make your experience here at your Club more enjoyable, please don’t hesitate to call. See you on the course!


Best Regards,

Jesse Shaver



What an enchanting beginning of summer with camps in full tilt, a successful Men’s Invitational and plenty of activities and events to follow. I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate Dennie Kane and his partner Kevin Vandenberg for winning the golf tournament in the 2018 Men’s Invitational.

             The Boat Bar is in full swing with the patio open, and a new food & drink menu to accompany it. Three wonderful suggestions to join us for dining (besides any other night) would be Wednesday evenings down at the Pavilion for Wet & Wild Wednesday & 1/2 priced bottles of wine, Thursday’s Burger & Brew Night, or Sunday evenings with a select menu & casual dining in the Boat Bar! This can be a perfect way for you to enjoy different dining venues around the Club.

A few things worth highlighting for you; the annual 4th of July cookout on the beachfront, a great opportunity to get family & friends together to celebrate, make memories, and watch the beautiful fireworks display. GLCC will also be hosting Twilight Golf, Luau night on July 27th and “Glow Ball- Big Hole” on August 31st. It is always fun to see the awesome costumes that members wear for the themed Twilight Golf nights, and I personally cannot wait to see the Luau costumes. Last but not least, I would like to mention that Hully Gully is approaching us on Saturday, August 4th this year. Many members came out to join us last year & and I am keeping my fingers crossed that many of you will be joining us again. Reservations for any of these events can be taken in the office. I’m looking forward to continuing a wonderful summer here at the Club!

In wrapping up my article, I would like to take the time to recognize and thank Mike Rossen for his 16 years of service at Gull Lake Country Club. His loyalty, spirit and great morale are buzzwords likely to be associated with Mike. In addition to his skills, he has a rare sense of ownership in his approach to anything involving GLCC. He has the uncanny ability of always being where the action is, and had a finger on our Club’s pulse. His dedication to his craft and natural exuberance has made this an easy paragraph to write.

Mike, thank you for truly being a wonderful mentor, boss and friend. I truly appreciate everything you have done for me and Gull Lake Country Club in my past 14 years here. You will be sorely missed.



Kristin Kuball