Well, this has been one busy quarter at the Club and there is a lot to report!

             Hopefully you've all had a chance at this point to welcome our new General Manager, Tim, Ward. Tim hit the ground running in early August and is quickly becoming familiar with the many facets of the Club.

             There has been a lot of discussion circulating about our upcoming Club improvements. Due to concerns about the timing of these projects we’ve had several committees working simultaneously on the important aspects, as well as prioritization of each.


Here are some answers to your most pressing questions;


· We have selected a new bank and financing package

· Our plans for the West Activity Center (Grille, et al) were approved by Richland Township

· TowerPinkster is our designer/architect;

· We elected to go with A.J. Veneklasen as our contractor to do the project;

· The demolition of the existing Grille building will commence in October (hopefully as early as possible)

· We will be playing out of the trunks of our cars this fall and we are asking everyone to vacate their lockers by September 20th at the latest.

· The project is expected to be completed and open for the membership by late April

· There will be a small assessment


All of this was wrapped up in August.


We will schedule some informational meetings in the near future to answer all of your questions as to why, when and how we are getting this done. Questions already on the list of topics include;


· Why we are taking on more debt and why we are able to

· How we picked and prioritized the project(s)

· How the series of assessments factors into our financing plan

· How we intend to pay down the debt within ten years


There are still some great events coming up this fall at the Club that I encourage everyone to take advantage of; Sailing runs through the end of October. The Vintage Gold  Cup Star Regatta  and Boat Exhibition is this month so be sure to attend and vote for your favorite! Golf will continue until the snow flies. Tennis and Pickleball will run right up until we roll over into paddle tennis season. And then there is an array of dining and social party options to round out the year!


See you soon!

Bill English



First Impressions


         Well I must say I couldn’t be happier that I started at Gull Lake CC while there was still some summer left! I’ve thoroughly enjoyed getting immediately involved with the many events and it helped me to get my bearings and more quickly “feel at home!”

I feel fortunate to have inherited a strong and dedicated staff, and we will work together to create an exceptional experience and hopefully some added value to the membership moving forward.

This Fall offers a great opportunity to bring some new ideas to Gull Lake that we hope you will have some fun with. Starting in September we will uncork a unique approach to wine tasting- Wine Court; Blind Justice, that will engage the members and create some playful discussion. The November Winter Wine Event will have an expanded selection, giving everyone a chance to shop early for their holiday wines. Plan ahead!

The renovation project will begin in October which means we have to find an alternative location for the Family Halloween Party haunted house. Once again, an opportunity to create something new and different for the kids! From what I’ve observed, our crew will have no problem rising to the occasion.

The holidays will be upon us in no time and I’m excited to see how the club dresses up for Christmas. We will be looking for new ways to bring even more ‘cheer’ to you in December and the New Year.

I thank you all for such a warm welcome and I invite everyone to share with me their perspectives on the club. My door is always open.



Dear Members and Friends,

             It’s hard to believe that summer is winding down so very fast! We have had an awesome summer despite the weather and extreme challenges Mother Nature has thrown at us. The weather this past summer has been one of the longest and hardest stretches in a very long time. We had unseasonably high temperatures with more than 20 days over 90 degrees and prolonged high humidity throughout the summer. The golf course pulled through the summer stress months with very little damage and conditions being virtually unaffected during this stressful time. Everything is healing up and filling in very nicely with the amazing weather conditions we have been blessed with so far this fall. Come on out to your club and enjoy the beautiful weather and wonderful fall conditions we still have left this season.

Core aerification is one of the dirty words of turfgrass maintenance. Give a veteran superintendent a dollar for every time he has heard, “why do you punch holes in our greens just when they start to look good” and he would be a wealthy man. Unfortunately, today’s players are even less tolerant of core aerification. This attitude has resulted in less frequent or smaller tine core aerification. An important purpose of core aeration is the physical removal of unwanted organic matter from the upper portion of the root zone. When core aeration is neglected, the upper portion of the profile can be an in-hospitable place for plant roots to grow. The pore space in a dense organic layer is dominated by small, water-filled capillary pores, while the large air-filled macropores are lacking. Oxygen is necessary for the plant to carry out respiration, which is the conversion of stored food to energy. Respiration takes place in the roots and, therefore, good air exchange in the upper soil profile is vital to plant survival. Aerification of turfgrass is necessary evil (cultural practice) to maintain healthy plants. Benefits are, thatch control, compaction relief, beneficial air and gas exchange to the root zone, improved water movement, greater nutrient penetration, increased shoot and root growth and improved soil structure. All are vital to a healthy stand of grass mowed at less than .115 inches. A healthy stand of grass naturally recycles organic matter into the upper soil profile of greens when roots, shoots, stolons, and other plant parts are replaced throughout the season. This organic matter accumulation must be removed with core aeration! The medicine (aerification) does not always taste good, but a healthy patient (grass) is worth the effort and inconvenience! It is always our goal to make aerification as painless as possible. Please mark our calendars: greens aerification begins on September 6th. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Do you ever wonder what happens to the golf course when you’re not around? Maybe you would just like to educate yourself more on the science behind what it takes to keep turf conditions at a championship level daily. Check out our twitter feed for a behind the scenes look at the maintenance that takes place at your club, with pictures, short videos and detailed information to help you better understand turfgrass science at your club. Twitter handle - @GLCCTurf

A big thank you to our staff for a great job so far this season. From the turf and bunkers, to the flowers, everything looks great! If you see one of them on the course, thank them, I know they would appreciate the compliment.



Dear Members,

         It’s hard to believe that it is September, the kids are going back to school, the leaves will soon be changing and the beauty of the Michigan winter is not far. This summer has seen a great stretch of hot weather for golf and enjoying our beautiful lake. We hope everyone will continue to play golf deep into fall.

A special shout out to the 16 member/guest teams for a wonderful Women’s Classic. This event was a great success and we look forward to next year.

We saw special championship golf in the past few weeks and offer congratulations to all the players that were lucky enough to grab wins.

· Men’s Club Championship- Bret Feaster

· Women’s Club Championship- Joy Veltkamp

· Women’s Classic Champions- Amy Upjohn & Nanette Elenbaas

· Couples Club Championship (Gross)- Jim & Ann Marie Roschek

· Couples Club Championship (Net)- Ken & Teri Davis

· Men’s Senior Club Championship- Dennie Kane

· Junior Club Champions (9 Hole Boys)- Max VanderMolen

· Junior Club Champions (9 Hole Girls)- Charlotte Boudeman

         In the shop we have some great fall gear starting to be delivered, so keep an eye out for some new additions to the wardrobe. We look forward to everyone enjoying what we hope is a late golf season. Don’t forget that shop credit will expire on November 15th!