Dear Members,

We were so excited to unveil a new Boat Bar menu in late April. It is important to cook seasonally, so I made sure to include the best of what spring and summer has to offer when creating these dishes and I think you’ll notice the freshness of the ingredients. Also, along with a number of new flavors, we have taken care to include some new and healthy options. While trying our new menu, I’m confident that you’ll find lots of alternatives that are as rich in flavor as they are in nutritional value.

Among these changes, you’ll see the incorporation of couscous on our menu! To those not familiar, couscous is a dish that originally hails from the countries of North Africa and is made up of small granules durum wheat. Traditionally, couscous was created through a labor-intensive process that took several days to complete, followed by months drying in the sun. While today, the work is all done by machine, the result is a dish that is light, fluffy and flavorful, with fiber, protein and no sugars or fats.

You'll also find the addition of quinoa on our menu (pronounced keen-WAH). This grain, originating in South America has been gaining culinary popularity over the years because it is high in protein and gluten-free, with a mild taste and rich texture that give it lots of versatility. 

Across the street, you’ll also find that we’ve created a new trail mix for the Grille! This trail mix is made with goji berries (also called wolfberries) which are packed full of antioxidants. This king of berries is filled with all kinds of health benefits. Some studies have shown that goji berries can nullify free radicals in the body, boost immune function, slow the aging process and increase athletic abilities, among a great number of other advantages. Plus, these bright orange-red berries lend a great, tart taste to our trail mix, so head over to the Grille and give them a try!

I look forward to seeing everyone around the Club as we launch into the warm season! It should be a great summer!

Bon Appétit!

Clayton Holt
Executive Chef

Nathan Kruse
Chef de Cuisine