As we head into the new year, I am excited to take my turn as president of your club.  I will try my hardest to continue the fine leadership I have witnessed during my fifteen years as a member.

It is exciting to be involved in a club that works hard to move forward and continually make improvements. With the renovation of our Quarterdeck, we will be updating an area that has needed work for quite some time. By providing family dining on weekends, it will hopefully help resolve the overcrowding problem we have with the Boat Bar. This is a wonderful problem to have as Chef Clay and Mike Rossen continue to make our Boat Bar a great place to dine.  

A renewed focus on the golf course will help our play-it-forward initiative as well as improving the overall quality of the golf course for players of all levels. This is being overseen by Chris Wilczynski, a golf course architect whom we have hired. He has drawn up a revised master plan that is relevant as well as doable. 

My thanks to Jay Garside for helping get these projects off the ground and to Mike Rossen, whose management of our club remains unparalleled.

Dr. David Crandell