Hi All,

My name is Tom Lechota, newly elected Commodore of the GLYC for the next 2 years. We have entered the quiet time of the year for the Yacht Club. Boats are put away, docks are out….and the Ice Boaters are starting their monthly meetings! The YC Board will continue with its monthly meetings dealing with issues for the 2014 season. The YC Calendar is pretty much assembled, we had a meeting with the Junior Program instructors and will continue to discuss some “hot” topics over the winter months. I am looking into a boater education program in the spring to deal with the new state law on boater certificates.

I’ll include the list of award winners for the 2013 season that were announced at the GLYC Awards dinner on Wednesday night Oct 23….that’s right Wednesday night! Jon VanderMolen wanted to shake things up and see if we could improve the attendance by moving the date up and capture the Snow Birds before their move south. The dinner had the highest attendance in the past few years!
Congratulations to all the award winners for their time and energy for the 2013 sailing season!

 I would also like to thank Jon for completing his term as Commodore!  His suggestions for “Wet-N- Wild Wednesday’s  and “Thirsty Thursday’s” will continue into the foreseeable future!

New YC Executive Board members for 2014

Tom Lechota 

Bill ‘Tick’ Ticknor 
Vice Commodore

Bill English 

Melinda Titus  


See you in the spring!

Commodore Tom Lechota

Gull Lake Yacht Club

Perpetual Awards 2013


Chuck Barnes Trophy
For devotion and promotion of sailing at GLYC.
Melinda Titus

Jim Harrison Trophy
Tough competitiveness, unselfishly sharing kindness,
knowledge, and skill with others.

Max Doolittle

Sarah DeYoung Trophy
Most outstanding crew.
Steve Bigelow and Larry Carter

Tom Crookston Trophy
Family participation and promotion of sailboat racing.

Ticknor/Lockerbie Families        

John and Mary Kittredge Trophy
Race Committee trophy for excellence
in race management.

Alec Borden                 


Mary Doolittle Trophy
Exemplifying sportsmanship.
Scott Benson        

Turtle Trophy
Most noteworthy mishap at sea.
Greg Smith—Man/men overboard during Labor Day race        

Jack Lawrence Captain’s Award
Longevity (10+ yrs. racing), Leadership,
Participation (70%+ fleet races), Volunteerism

Tom Lechota        

Bob Boudeman GLYC Champion
Jim VanderMolen with crew, Mike Ward.
Best finishing boat.
                Triple Play with host Jim Glass

Memorial Day Handicap

      1.   Don Parfet  (Star)

      2.   Greg Smith  (J22)

              3.   Tom VanderMolen  (J22)


Glory B Handicap


1.   Fred Einspahr  (Star)

2.   Roddy Turner  (Star)

3.   Art Riley  (Star)



1. Fred Einspahr

2. Roddy Turner

3. Greg Smith (J22)


Labor Day Handicap

            1.   Steve Parker  (210)

            2.   Eric Messerly/Jim Babel  (J22)

            3.   Dave Johnson  (210)         



Max Doolittle Holiday Handicap Series award

            Greg Smith  (J22)



Round the Island” Series

            1.  Dave Johnson   210 Sloopy

            2.  Tom VanderMolen   J22 Temper

            3.  Tick Ticknor   J22 Black Pearl