What a spectacular Autumn we have had out here on Gull Lake this season. Beautiful trees turn colors to reflect off the lake, smells of apples, cinnamon and pumpkins fill the air, and a wonderful new signature drink menu we have prepared for you to taste & enjoy this fall. Plus, do not forget the many fun events to keep us entertained. The Chef's Table we hosted in September was a great success. It was wonderful to see member who had never attended be so delighted in this event. KNO is still going strong on Friday nights, which is a perfect way for the keys to enjoy themselves with crafts & games while parents get the time to enjoy some one-on-one time, or get together with others for fabulous dinner & drinks. The Halloween party was a monstrous hit!!! This is my favorite party every year, and it is great to see the participation from all ages having a good time! Thank you to everyone for coming out to enjoy your club!

The Annual Meeting is a great review of the past year, and an opportunity to meet your Board of Directors. This event will be hosted on December 3rd and we encourage everyone to come out. Platform mixers/Euchre nights are in full effect, please check your Gull Post for dates & hours regarding these events. The month of December can be a busy one and that is why we at GLCC want to make it as easy & enjoyable as possible! Let us help you by hosting or catering a Christmas Party. If this sounds like a perfect idea to you, please call Mike Rossen or myself, Kristin Kuball at 269-629-9714. If you are too busy to host a party, then come join one! The month of December is filled with wonderful parties for all ages. Just when you thought you caught your break from the Halloween Party - we invite you back for the Kids Christmas Party where Mr. & Mrs. Claus happily await to gather children on their laps, where memorable pictures & wishes come true. The Candlelight Dinner has become my favorite event we host in the month of December and due to its ever growing popularity, we are offering two nights of Candlelight. If you have never attended, please make it a point to do so. The Boat Bar looks so beautiful with warm white lights, a glowing fireplace that makes you feel right at home & carolers that really touch your heart. This event does fill up fast, so make your reservations now for Friday, December 19th or Saturday, December 20th. Of course everyone loves the month of December for the wonderful Sunday buffets that fall on December 14th, 21st, and the 28th. Looking forward to the holiday season & sharing it with you.

Assistant Manager