Hi Everyone!  

Well, the lake is frozen over, there is over 80 inches of snow but the Yacht Club Board continue to meet every month to get the 2014 sailing season ready. The last few monthly meetings have met to review the 2013 season. In the February meeting, the Board received a preview of the Junior Sailing program, adopted the 2014 calendar, and talked about some early spring projects.

One will be the “Burn Your Socks” party to celebrate the equinox and the official return of spring! This event will be held Saturday March 22 starting at 4pm with drinks and snacks followed by a buffet dinner. Then we will pay homage to the gods of Spring and burn the nasty old socks of the past long, cold, winter! Depending on weather, we will start at the Doolittle Pavilion fire pit…or maybe the Platform Tennis building!

Another event in the planning stages is a Boaters Safety seminar. This seminar will lead to a Boaters Safety Certificate which is required for all those 12 to 16 years old in order to operate a power boat or Jet Ski (Personal Watercraft ). As power boaters are part of the Yacht Club, it is in the Club’s interest to see they are properly trained. I have been in contact with the Sheriff Marine Department to arrange a date, which I expect will be on a Saturday in late May or early June. We will have more information in future Gull Post issues.

Of course, the Star Fleet is planning their “Tulip Time Tune-up Regatta” in mid-May. If I have the numbers right, this will be their 55th Tulip Time regatta!!

So, there is a lot going on indoors right now!! Unfortunately, there is too much snow for the Ice Boaters to get out on Gull Lake….but they are active, traveling to other other lakes with better conditions.

As a last note, I am collecting Yacht Club records from past years. They have been passed around in previous years and it’s time to bring them home! So, when you’re cleaning the basement or garage and come across a box of Yacht Club records, give myself or Chelsea a call and we will try to complete documentation of the Yacht Club. I am looking for records from the start in 1926 to the early 1950’s then from about 1986 to 2000. Once collected, we look to have them scanned into a searchable database and made available to everyone.

Commodore Tom Lechota