What?? Back-to-School and Halloween sales??  I retired in June and had plans for sailing EVERY day. Remember Rich Howson? That was going to be ME!! Well, where has summer gone? In my last note, I talked about school just getting out and the GLYC summer programs were getting ready to start. Now the summer programs are wrapping up and plans are being made for the end of the year awards banquet (Wednesday, October 22)!

Mother nature provided us with cooler than normal temperatures and plenty of light wind days and nights that frustrated Wednesday night and Sunday afternoon sailors. They also kept the sailing instructors on their toes keeping the students busy. A special thanks to Mike MacQueen (head junior instructor), Kevin Luther and Jack Greve (assistants), and Roger Turner (GLYC Junior Sailing coordinator) for all their efforts this summer. Kevin and Jack are finishing up their college careers and will be moving onto full time careers. They did a great job with the kids and will be difficult to replace!

Another special thanks to the Adult Sailing instructors, Judy Maier, Linda Buddemeier, Jan Harrison, Gail Thompson, Jackie West-Frasier, John Kittredge (the sailor) and the one and only Max Doolittle, all volunteered their time and knowledge. Max and John also donated the use of their personal boats for student training.

Thanks to the Race Committee for their persistence in setting proper race courses in trying, shifty conditions: members Dave Johnson (RC coordinator) Melinda Titus, Patti Ticknor, Mary Ann Maier, Jeff Maier, Alec Borden and fill in members, Judy, Linda, Greg Kupstas and Jim Chadwick.

Now, I know that’s a lot of names (and I’m sure I have forgotten a few) but these are some of the names that make our GLYC summer programs so outstanding and memorable! Already the discussions have started: “Next year we will make this better and do this a little different…”.

So, as we start the back to school shopping, please remember that we are not done sailing yet!  The GLYC Boudeman Championship is September 6, the ‘Round the Island’ race series start at 1pm on September 7 and continue for six beautiful fall Sundays until October 12 (with a party to follow that final race) and finally the WMU Boudeman Collegiate regatta will be on October 19.

It’s not too late to come out and enjoy your Club, get some sailing in, have a drink and dinner on the shores of
beautiful Gull Lake! 

Your Commodore,

 Tom Lechota