Thanksgiving Turkey Preparation

When roasting a turkey this holiday season, thank about how easy it could be if you roasted and dressed it out before your guests arrive. I roast my turkey to an internal temperature of 155 degrees and let it rest for an hour. Then, I carve the breast off in one piece, place on a cutting board and slice from one end to another - repeat for both sides. Then, I nicely shingle out the pieces on a glass or microwaveable platter. I cut off the legs, thighs and wings and also place on the platter as if it were a whole bird. Put a cup of turkey or chicken stock on the platter and cover with plastic wrap. When you're ready for dinner service, simply microwave for 5 to 10 minutes to heat back up, remove plastic and serve. This way the mess after dinner is easily cleaned up. Another option would be to order your turkey and all of the fixings from GLCC and let us do the work for you! Happy Holidays!