Mike Rossen
General Manager

It's November and the holidays are upon us again. Among these are the Children's Christmas Party, Holiday Brunches, Member Christmas Party, Candlelight Dinners and a New Years Eve social gathering! Of course, if you'd like to host a holiday event of your own, GLCC would be happy to help. Contact me to book the club for anything from a family luncheon to a full-out party! We will also have catering menu available for all of your entertaining needs.

Over the past year we have spent significant dollars on our golf course tee project and renovation of the Boat Bar. The tee project is one we have been planning for a couple of years. We feel this is going to give every level golfer a new and exciting look at your golf course. The Boat Bar was a much needed project that we hear you all have really enjoyed. We are still in the planning stages on projects for 2016. We will keep you posted!

As we wrap up another season, it's time to look back and see how we are doing from a financial perspective. The club so far is performing better than planned! Every membership category has increased year over year except golf which has remained relatively flat. While this is good news for the club, it is important to recognize that we are still down almost 35 golf members in comparison to pre-recession highs (2008). At that time we had 225 golf members and a total membership of 420, we now have 492 total members and 190 golf. We have been able to maintain financially over the years due to an influx of younger members, the addition of boat slips, and increased food/beverage revenue. Another important factor has been that we are a more family friendly club with great programming for golf, racquet sports, sailing, skating, cross country skiing and swimming. Plus the addition of kid's camps, and a great social calendar we provide a great source of value for our members. Thank you for all of your support! 

For those of you who may be interested, the New Year brings opportunities to join the club committees that aid in our planning structure. If you are interested in becoming a committee member, please call or email me. Committees will be taking shape during the month of January and we hope you can be a part of them! 

As the year comes to a close, we would like to thank all of our team members, committee, and board members for giving their time and energy to help us stay on track and moving forward. It is their dedication that helped make this year such a fun and successful one. We look forward to seeing everyone over the holiday season!