Grounds & Facilities Superintendent

Dear Members and Friends,

We hope this winter has been kind to you thus far. Hopefully everyone had a wonderful Christmas and that you're off to a good start on this fun and exciting year before us. The grounds staff is very busy with our winter equipment and accessories maintenance program. All the golf course equipment is being serviced and getting fresh blades. The golf course accessories are all being washed, painted and prepped for the next golfing season. On the clubhouse side of the road we are working on our preventative maintenance program along with taking care of some basic painting and touch-up projects. Everything is looking good! 

The grounds team was able to accomplish several different projects on the golf course this past fall as the weather was unseasonably warm through the first of the year. Drainage was added to the lower part of #18 fairway, along with several other locations to help move excessive water during large rain events. This drainage project will not be a complete fix-all for this area of the property but it will help our team evacuate water during large future rain events .The ditch along the shortgame practice area was also cleaned out to aid in movement of water off the property and also increases the aesthetic value of that location for the future. The golf course is cleaned up and going to bed in fantastic condition!

We are excited for the memorial trees that will be planted this spring. Thank you to everyone that purchased a tree for the golf course this past year! These trees will be a fantastic addition to our already amazing property and will be placed in strategic locations that our golf course architect, Chris Wilczynski has selected. Proper tree locations and species are very important in the preservation of our golf course, from a playability standpoint to aesthetics and overall turf health. 

Thank you so much for all your support and cooperation. As always, if there is anything any of us on the grounds staff can do to make your experience here at your club more enjoyable, please feel free to call. See you at the club this winter!