We are having another great winter here in Michigan and a great season of winter sporting around the club! The sledding, skating, platform tennis and cross-country skiing have all been in full use, despite the often frigid temperatures. For those of you who are enjoying the deep south or far west we encourage you to push the warm weather our way, I think we are all ready for spring to arrive!

Come on over to the Boat Bar and see the latest updates on our renovation. We have upgraded the fireplace with slate rock, it looks really sharp! The new acoustical panels have been installed, soon we will have all the chairs reupholstered, and a new carpet will go down. Come up and take a peak and enjoy a great meal prepared by Chef Adam and his culinary team!

I often get the question, "Hey Mike, how are we doing on membership?" Great question! Currently we are very healthy in every category except golf, which still remains to be a challenge. We are not the only on'es experiencing this. Since the recession, golf rounds across the country have gone down at a significant pace every year. While we have seen some leveling off over the past few years, a significant loss has occurred. So, what are we doing about it?!?! We have been maintaining our course to the highest level possible, ensuring that we have a superior reputation in comparison to our competition. We have a great team that creates great programs for all levels of golfers. We took the PGA Initiative and spent approximately $170,000 by moving tees forward in order to have new tee options for women, juniors, seniors, or anyone wanting to play the course to a shorter distance. These new tees will be unveiled this spring! We are also going to offer a one-time on year trial golf membership at a reduced rate. Current day social, dining and yacht club members will also be able to upgrade to a golf membership for a one-time fee. Please click here for a letter explaining this membership drive in detail, as well as a program outline. If you know of anyone: friends, neighbors, family or co-workers, who may be interested in joining the club, feel free to contact myself or Michelle in order to take advantage of this great opportunity. 

As always, we would like to send out a big thank you to all our members, who continue to make this club a fun and vibrant community. We're looking forward to the coming months and what will hopefully be the best spring season yet!

General Manager