Ahoy all! Spring is here, ice is gone from the lake and it's time to look forward to summer. 

New this year for the juniors will be a change of instruction days in order to coordinate with the golf, tennis and swimming camps. It will be wednesdays and thursdays this year with fridays open for the advanced students to attend regattas. For 2015, gull lake is on the schedule friday, june 26th to host the west michigan youth sailing association regatta. we will have junior sailors from 8 sailing programs in west michigan attending. the western michigan university sailing team is out and sailing! their spring season is so short with wmu out in mid-may - they have to get sailing while they can!

The yacht club spring season started with the "burn your socks" party in march and now looks forward to the star fleet 63rd annual "tulip time regatta" the weekend of may 16th & 17th. This regatta is lead event for star sailors in this region of the US and is always well attended with star boats from near and far. following the tulip time will be the memorial day handicap on monday, may 25th for all the local sailors...and begins the summer sailing season! 

at this writing there is no word on installation of the docks just yet. in addition, there will be some heavy equipment AROUND the launch area as we are having the channel dredged to allow better access under the "gin" or mast pole. we have been told this will be completed by may 1st. please hold off on bringing your boat out until after the docks have been installed as they need a large area to move the sections in place and float them out. moorings will go in once the docks are complete.

a last note, new michigan law lowers the boating blood alcohol limit to .08 and follows along with the "don't drink and drive" automotive campaign. also, be aware there is a state law on "operation of vessels in counter-clockwise fashion" (324.80149). This is for the power boat side of the house in that sailboats don't get much say in how the wind blows! we have heard talk of this over the last couple of years but haven't heard of reports of issuance of tickets.

the grounds are greening up, lorraine has flowers going in the ground around the buildings, sun is staying up longer. it's a great time to come out, have dinner and stroll around the grounds and enjoy the pleasant spring events. see you at the water...soon! 

tom lechota