Tom Lechota

Ahoy all! 

I'll keep this short because you should be out enjoying the lake and club!

The Yacht Club schedule is active now! We have had 2 regattas so far with sailors from all over the US - Washington, Florida, Virginia, Chicago, as well as Paw Paw and East Grand Rapids. 

The junior and adult sailing classes have begun, the Super Saturday/Sunday weekend will be here shortly with the Junior Sailing Regatta on Friday, June 26th and 6 other junior programs sending students to compete. Saturday, July 4th will see the Glory B Handicap at 2 pm, AND a fireworks display later in the evening. 

So - keep in couch with Michelle's bi-weekly news note, Facebook and Clubster and the Yacht Club's Facebook. 

I look forward to seeing you in person rather than in the pages of this post! Fair winds!