Tom Lechota
GLYC Commodore

Hi all!

Seems like I was just writing about school getting out and the start of summer. Now, school is set to begin and summer is winding down. So, what did we accomplish this summer? I never get enough sailing in and this year seemed worse! So, let's take a look back...

  • Pre-summer, March 21st: Burn Your Socks Party

  • May 8th: Docks went in

  • May 16th & 17th: Star fleet Tulip Time Regatta with 11 boats from all across the US participating. Tom Londrigan and Dave Caesar go back home with another pair of wooden shoes!

  • Memorial Day Handicap: Winds blew hard that day and only 3 boats made the starting line - with only one finishing, Eric Messerly, Chris (Otto) Sunberg & "CW" in "Crazy Horse". The Race Committee even shortened to 1 1/3 laps (normal is 2 1/3).

  • June 6th & th: Sunfish, Michigan Open - 15 boats registered

  • June 20th: Super Saturday Party - was only a party due to no wind to sail in but good food and drinks for socializing! The Bob Boudeman Championship sailed on Sunday under new summer format. Greg Smith & Bill Weston took top honors with second place going to Eric Messerly and Otto Sunberg who were only one point behind!

  • June 26th: We saw the Club grounds covered with 71 boats for the Junior Sailing Regional Regatta series. There were 3 separate race courses spread in front of the Club - it was something to see! Everyone is a winner in this event!

  • July started out with a THUD! The Glory B Handicap scheduled for the 4th of July didn't happen. Winds took the day off, something that seemed to occur frequently this month.

  • July 24th & 25th: 210 Midwest Regatta had plenty of wind and everyone was able to get all racing in by Saturday afternoon...a little slow to start but no need for Sunday make-up day!

  • July 31st-August 2nd: Blue Star District Championship arrived with 13 boats to compete. Frequent visitors (and this year's Tulip Time winners), Tom Londrigan and Dave Caesar went home with the massive district trophy.

  • August 15th & 16th: Flying Scot's Mary Doolittle, Queen of Scots Memorial Regatta. this event is unique in that all fleets are invited to participate. For the last couple of years, the J-22 fleet took up the challenge and 3 J's made an appearance. Due to no wind for Saturday's slate of races, the pressure was on for Sunday! Sailor John Kittredge/Linda Buddemeier came out on top for the Scots with Tom VanderMolen/Dave Jackson/Steve Ticknor taking first place for the J's. What was notable for this event was the attendance of Kerry Pebbles from Portage Lake at Dexter. He spent 2 years refurbishing FS #25 back to like-new condition, and it was beautiful! FUI, #25 was built in 1958. The Jim Chadwick family (Jim, Jimmy and Katie), crew on 210 "Sloopy" sailed club Scot, Be Holden and kept right in there. In several mark rounding's, all 5 Scots were in close proximity and the finish of the third race had all boats within a boat length of each other!

Other activities over the summer included the Junior and Adult Sailing classes. Both had record attendance of aspiring sailors. The juniors were able to coordinate with tennis and golf camps to eliminate overlaps and gain attendance. Thanks to Mike MacQueen, Jack Greve, Kevin Luther, Max Doolittle and Rodger Turner for continuing to provide a great program for the junior sailors of this Club! The adults may provide 3 new members next year and have already started the 2016 roster with 4 students! For the instructors, Max, John Kittredge, Gail Thompson, Linda Buddemeier, Judy Maier, Jan Harrison, Mike MacQueen, and Don Schmidt - THANK YOU - for your time, use of your boats, and expertise!

Now, it looks like we had a busy summer, but - "it ain't over 'til we say it's over!" Lots more to come. Come on out, do some sailing, have some dinner and a couple of drinks and enjoy a Gull Lake sunset - bound to put a smile on your face!


  • September 6th: Round the Island fall series begins (due to the late holiday and the need to get 6 races in before mid-October)

  • September 7th: Labor Day Handicap

  • September 19th & 20th: 210 Frostbite Regatta

  • October 17th & 18th: WMU Collegiate Boudeman Championship

  • October 21st: GLYC Awards Banquet