Assistant Manager

It hardly seems like it is time for me to be writing an article for September and October. What a wonderful summer we have to look back on here at GLCC. Staff, just like the members at GLCC, don't want to see the party end, precisely why we have planned many events, mixers, kids night outs, family fun nights and parties for September and October. 

Just like seasonal changes occur here at the club, so do staff changes. We are at the point in our summer season where it is time to say goodbye to many employees who we have grown to know and wish them well as they head back to school. 

The management team would especially like to thank Erin Ritterfor all of her hard work, dedication and the ability to make people smile these last 10 years with us. She will be missed by all, but we completely support her decision to move onward with her career. 

Even though we are saying goodbye to hard working, positive and upbeat staff to school and other such endeavors, let us make sure we take the time to welcome new staff with open arms. We have recently hired new fall staff and they're looking forward to meeting you and anticipating your needs.

Thanks for joining us for such a wonderful summer and I truly appreciate everyone respecting the new no hat policy in the Boat Bar that we put into place in the beginning of August. I look forward to seeing you around to enjoy many more fabulous events. The back of the Gull Post will have fun dates to place on your calendar, and the evening features as well listed for you.