All seasons have something to offer.”
Jeannette Walls


             I found this quote and fell in love with it because I firmly believe it captures what we, the staff, want GLCC to be for you, a wonderful club that has something to feature each month and season just for you. With March and April approaching we have planned some fun & wonderful events for you.

GLCC has some great events conjured up for March and April.  If you can keep up with the Irish, join us at the Boat Bar March 17th, as we offer traditional Irish features & drinks including live music.  Inapproaching the middle of April we quickly enter the fun events of Easter!  Saturday, April 15th is an enormous day at the club revolving around all the adorable children running around with excitement in search for the golden egg.  That’s right, the official Easter Egg Hunt which leads us into Easter Brunch the next day.  Please be advised these two functions fill up fast, the sooner you make a reservation the better. On April 21st we will be hosting a Chef’s Table & April 27th the Spring Fashion shopping event.  As we rear up April, please check the social calendar for all the fun summer events that will begin to take form.  Get your clubs dusted off and your shoes shined because April 25th is opening men and women’s league for the GLCC golf course this year.

I would like to take the time to introduce Beth Fender as the new Head Bartender in the Boat Bar.  Beth has been with the club since mid-August.  She graduated from Western University, majoring in Biology,  working in the past doing pharmaceutical research, as a certified pharmacy technician.  She has chosen the hospitality field primarily because the people she gets to meet & interact with.   Beth is an avid golfer &   gardener, and enjoys camping & being on the lake in the summer.  She is looking forward to providing excellent service & making amazing drinks for you to enjoy.

It’s going to be another fabulous fun spring at the club this year.  I’m looking forward to seeing everyone utilizing the club!



KRISTIN KUBALL                                                                                             Assistant Manager