Happy late winter...or hopefully early spring! Hey, Punxsutawney Phil gave us good news last month - "there is no shadow to be cast! An early spring is in the forecast!" Hope that you all are enjoying the first months of 2016 and that this Gull Post finds you well and in great spirits and health.

It's been wonderful seeing so many of you around the Club over the past two months. The recent Winterfest event was very well attended and we saw many smiling faces (maybe frozen that way, but still smiling...) on the sledding hill, around the bonfire and inside during the event. There were even a few adults that were able to sneak out and cross country ski. I wonder how many gallons of hot chocolate and marshmallows were consumed that day? We also heard many compliments about the food at the buffet that night, so kudos to Chef Adam and his team for the tasty meal and thanks for passing along your feedback on the food and event.

Even with the hibernation mentality during the winter, we have seen lots of activity on the platform tennis courts and around the Club. Hope many of you have been able to enjoy spending time with friends, family and members making memories. The Boat Bar was packed during Valentine's Day weekend and there was live music serenading the crowd - thanks to Adam, Kristin and their teams for a relaxing and festive night!

As we move into early spring, please continue to come out and enjoy the great food, events and activities going on at the Club. It's always a great time, and the more the merrier around here! Looking forward to the coming months and wish you a safe and happy March and April and an exciting Spring Break season for all!