GLYC Commodore

Ahoy all,

Spring seemed to come out of nowhere! One weekend it's snowing to beat the band, next it's in the 80's! Things are moving along at beautiful Gull Lake. The dock system went in in early April and now we are playing catch up to get the moorings in. But first, we need to get the pontoon boat ready and in the water.

Our rebuild project has been put off until the late fall due to the requirements from the Michigan Department of Fisheries that became part of the DEQ work permit conditions. The plan was to have the ramp work done by the first of May, so we were dragging our feet in anticipation of that work. Once we had the permit in hand and saw the requirements, we had a very narrow window the accomplish the work, too narrow. As I said, that's all changed, so here we go! 

The Family Fun Guide has been published. I hope you read through it to see all the programs available for this summer. The Junior Sailing program has hired 2 assistants, Austin Lee and Grant Moore, further assisted by Jimmy Chadwick and Will Lockerbie. Mike MacQueen will be continuing as Head Instructor, it looks to be an excellent instructor line up for he kids this summer. All the details are in the Family Guide. 

With the improving weather and the added hours at the Boat Bar, we hope you can find some time to come out to beautiful Gull Lake and dream how wonderful your summer might be! 

See you at beautiful Gull Lake - very soon!