Assistant Manager

There is plenty of play and fun to be had this upcoming summer in and around Gull Lake. Our committees, departments and staff have all been concentrating on making the summer of 2016 the most memorable one ever. We have many enjoyable events already going strong and some just heating up. Among these are Family Fun Nights, Wet & Wild Wednesdays, Thursday Burger & Brew Nights and select Sunday menus. Enjoying wonderful events are not mandatory at the club but they can certainly be key for you and your family. Check your Gull Post or social calendars for more information and if you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me. 

Numerous opportunities are presented to meet and socialize with friends along the way. These events can also bring a chance to meet the new faces we are welcoming to the club. I would like to take the opportunity to highlight a few dates in the months of May and June. May 8th is a very special day at GLCC as we pay tribute to all the wonderful mothers by hosting a delicious brunch where moms do not have to cook or clean. This event fills very quickly, so please get your reservations in. Then, join us for over-the-top fun on Memorial Day Weekend, where we meet to help welcome the beginning of summer. Expect lots of food, games and fun! Looking ahead to June 19th, we will be celebrating Father's Day with a brunch in celebration of them. If you are feeling ambitious, join us for both! These events are just a few I took the time to point out in this article and I guarantee you will find much more to suit you and your families. 

In concluding my article, I would like to send out a warm hello and welcome all new and returning members to GLCC. This is going to be a "fantastic" summer and I am looking forward to seeing everyone enjoying their club.