Michelle Kramm
Marketing & Membership

Dear GLCC Members,

Please help me welcome our newest members: J. William & Amanda Ogden (Flynn), Ben Behnke, Lorence & Nancy Wenke, Seth & Sarah Raymond (Eliana), Larry & Deb Bauss, Tony & Sarah Reiner (Tre & Charlye), Mark Pruss (Zachary), Andy & Lisa Ambrosio (Nicole, Travis & Alec), Brad & Crystal Winter (Adriona & Arica), Alex & Kim Weishaar, Lance & Tiffany Cornelius (Carter & Alexa), Jonathan & Jennifer Agay (Noah & Ethan), Michael Keenan, Harvey Tarlton & Lori Ann Turner (Clay, Grace & Ethan), Dr. Jeff & Stacey Hamlin (Cooper & Reese), Kyle & Christine Lynes (Benjamin, Allyson & Samantha), Paul & Gina Wasielewski (Clay & Evan) and Mary Jo Smith & Bobbi Jo Stoner ( Trent & Brady). 

The Club is going green! Don't forget we offer emailed statements, automatic payment withdrawal and electronic newsletters! Contact the office if you're interested in any of these options! Don't forget that you can access the roster at all times under the Member Central tab on our website or I can print one out for you if you'd like. Stay up to date on the latest happenings at the Club with our free, private mobile app - Clubster and our weekly emails. If you aren't receiving our weekly emails, please let me know and I can get you signed up. 

We already have quite the summer going on here at the Club! We love seeing everyone enjoying the course, courts and the beach - take advantage of your club while the weather is so nice!