Happy Summer everyone!

Hope that you all are enjoying the start of summer and that everything is going well. We have so much to be thankful for in being able to live, work and play in this amazing place! As I mentioned last Gull Post, the club is in full motion and there are so many great activities, events and programs catering to each and every one of you - please take full advantage of the amazing offerings and opportunities to "activate" your membership experience! If you have any general or specific questions about what's happening around the Club, please feel free to ask any staff members, Board member or other members. 

In late May, we welcomed Dan Urban (our new golf pro) to the club and I hope you have had a chance to meet him and say hello. I want to personally thank the Search Committee for their dedication to finding the right fit for us. We are very excited that Dan has joined our team and look forward to a wonderful golf season and the new ideas and energy from him.  Try out a Friday Night Golf event - especially if you like to get dressed up in themed costume for a 9 and dine! On the tennis front, Kelly Monahan just kicked off the tennis season on the courts and she is set for another great summer of racquet sports - stop by for some pickleball too as we just added another set of lines to a second court give the popularity of the sport at our Club!

The Waterfront is also in full gear and has been very active already - the blob is getting a workout! We have added paddleboards and kayaks this year, so if you are interested in trying those out let  the folks on the waterfront help you get on the water with those "toys". These are just a few of the ways to enjoy you summer at the club. Also, please take a moment to say thank you to any one of our great team members on the GLCC staff for all their hard work and dedication to making your experience awesome, every time! 

Lastly, we will be hosting the firework show again this summer to celebrate the 4th of July holiday - we are orchestrating the fireworks show for Sunday night, July 3rd - should be a fantastic event.

Look forward to seeing each and every one of you around the club having fun, making memories and enjoying all that our wonderful "slice of the world" on Gull Lake has to offer!