Grounds & Facilities Superintendent

Dear Members & Friends,

This season continues to be a challenge for all of us in every department from storms, to droughts and everything else Mother Nature can throw at us. We haven't let anything stop us yet and your club is in wonderful shape and looking beautiful. This summer has been such a joy watching everyone participate in events and out enjoying the club on such a regular basis. 

I'm sure everyone is aware of the extreme weather conditions we have been faced with so far this season and the continued heat and humidity to come. This type of weather makes it very challenging for our staff to maintain the golf course and grounds. With the nighttime lows in the 70s with high humidity, it makes for a perfect environment to harbor and nourish disease pathogens. With nighttime conditions such as this, watering at night is not advised and not healthy for the turf grass plants. We will be doing the majority of our watering during the day, so please be patient and we are sorry for any inconvenience this may cause. You might start to see some discoloration and dry spots in the fairways simply because we are not watering at night. These sports will all come back to life as the weather starts to cool off and get back to normal. This has been an extremely challenging growing season so far and we would like you all to understand and be sensitive of the problems we are faced with in these times.

A big thank you to our staff for a great job so far this season. From the turf and bunkers, to the flowers, everything looks great! If you see one of them on the course thank them, I know they would appreciate the compliment. 

Do your part by fixing ball marks, filling divots, raking bunkers and keeping your carts 30 ft. from the greens whenever possible. It is important to remember that after you rake a bunker, please place the rake back into the sand. The club is in fantastic shape and lets all do our part to keep it that way. As always, if there is anything my staff and I can do to make your experience here at your club more enjoyable, please don't hesitate to call. See you on the course!