Pamela Barden
Kids Camp Director

Hello Members,

As I sit here writing this last post, I can't help but reflect on not only this year but the past ones as well. To begin, thank you for letting my staff and I spend the summer with your family. I know that we really enjoyed it and hope that you/they did too! Every year it seems that camp is better and I am looking forward to coming back next year to see what happens. 

We have met a lot of new friends and had some fun adventures this year. The children really enjoyed fishing and you should have seen the looks on their faces as they actually caught a fish or when they were concentrating on their casting skills. We also learned a lot about clay sculpting, made our own journals and even learned how to use a Gelli pad. I hope that you got a chance to see what they created. The big hit this summer was fort building. We got a new fort building kid this year and our campers really enjoyed creating a new fort every day. I saw one that and two level forts and ones that were so long that every kid had their own room! 

I'd like your feedback on any ideas about what we can do next year in camp or even during Kids Night Out. Let me know and I will see what I can do! I am always open to new ideas. This is our camp and I want it to be the best that it can be! 

Please remember that we still have Kids Night Out on Fridays and my staff and I look forward to seeing you there. 

Again, thank you for making this summer fantastic!