Hello Everyone!

           I hope you all enjoyed a wonderful summer! It was amazing to see everyone out and about, taking full advantage of all the offerings at the Club. The waterfront was bustling, the Quarterdeck and Boat Bar were hopping and the tennis and golf programming were in top form. I hope that you all enjoyed it to the max—and here’s wishing for a warm start the Fall to extend our “summer” for a few more weeks!

The Hully Gully was once again a fantastic event and I have heard from a number of you with positive comments about the food, the band and the over quality - thanks for sharing, and feel free to share your feedback with the entire team—Chef Adam, Kristin, Mike and the rest of the staff. Looking forward to next year!

With schools of all levels in full motion and the start of spots and fall events. I hope you all continue to find time to come out to the Club and enjoy all the great amenities that are at your fingertips—waterfront, dining, golf, racquet sports and other fun things! These next two months are typically some of the best of the year.

At the Board, we continue to work together to be good stewards of the finances of the Club as well as look to make positive investments in the Club that will add value to your experiences. Thank you for the support of our Board members and committee members who continue to volunteer time to make the Club a great place for all members, staff and visitors. A big thank you to Mike and the entire team for all they do to make our experiences around the Club ones filled with enjoyment and great memories. If you have any thoughts or comments to share about your Club experience, please let Mike or I know.

As we close the summer of ‘17, I wish you and your families all the best as you gear up for fall! Have a great one, and we’ll see you around the club soon!