Dear GLCC Members,

             Please join me in welcoming the following new members to our club during June & July:

             Dason Slack & Abby Haughey (Audry Haughey), James & Claire Stahl, Rebecca East (Kayla & Breanna Eklund), Kenny & Katie Sexton (Emma, Abbie, William, Mia, Deanna & Carter), Steve Lambert & Karen Braddy-Lambert (Zac), Dylan & Betsie Crotty (Aidan & Mia), Ryan & Gentry Vaughn (Ella & Olivia), Scott & Colleen Krueger (Connor & Caroline), Ryan & Nicole Snyder (Hunter), Scott & Jessica McArthur (Owen, Reagan & Lyla), Mary & Antionelle Jones (Michael).

There are several features to our accounting software you might be interested in. We can email your statements to you as well as mail you a paper copy. We can add a photo to your account to help the staff better learn your names. We can also generate your payment for you each month automatically either through credit card (processing fee added) or directly from your checking account. If any of these features interest you, please contact me at for further details.

I hope you enjoy your fall here and are able to take advantage of all the programs that are      available.


Lisa Zents

Membership Facilitator