Happy New Year!


         If one of your New Year’s resolutions is to get more involved at GLCC, we have just the ticket for you. You can join one of the Club’s committees. These committees provide the GLCC board with new ideas for events, projects and help coordinate current activities as well. I myself got involved with multiple committees many years ago after “pitching” our Board on a “member’s only” casual space.


Currently, our board is investigating several suggestions that were presented from committees at the end of 2017. Our club has many facets to its facilities and activities, all of them are important. Committees to choose from are; House, Yacht Club, Membership, Golf & Grounds, Waterfront, Racquet and Social. Please contact Mike Rossen if you would like to get involved.


The coming months are the slowest in terms of our utilization of our facilities. That means we have a lot of capacity that you can utilize. Do you have some upcoming events that might use our facilities and services instead of your home or office? Maybe you would like to put together a Super Bowl party, an NCAA tournament event or even a bridge/euchre tournament. The Club would be more than happy to accommodate or even cater any of your party and event needs.


If you can dream it, GLCC can handle it.