It’s prime time!


             It’s almost the Fourth of July and everything is in summertime “high gear” at the Gull Lake Country Club. We are a multi-faceted club and all of our summer activities are in full force. If you find that you are getting bored with the same old routine, you’re in the right place to explore new activities and to shake things up a bit!

             Our racquet sports have had an amazing level of participation with young and not-so-young members. Pickleball and junior tennis are both starting to heat up as well.

Our Yacht Club has had a great start this year with junior sailing participation being extremely high, and the racing program is well underway.

Speaking of sailboat racing… Wet & Wild Wednesday. Take some time to come out and enjoy the best alfresco dining experience in the area, at the lakeside pavilion, while watching some of the sailboat races and mingling with the sailors after the races. The GLCC staff really does this up right!

Our golf program is fantastic with the best grounds in the area and plenty of golf to be played. This year’s Men’s Invitational event was one of the biggest we’ve ever had. Junior golf is underway and as always, adult instruction is readily available.

Planning a wedding yet this summer? Well, that’s going to be a problem because our staff does such a great job and this summer has been fully booked for quite awhile. Maybe next year…

Have you had a chance to dine on the patio yet this year? With these long days, you might want to check out some later dining times to catch the sunset! Our food service staff is consistently busy in the Boat Bar, Quarterdeck and Grille. Each of these areas has a special quality that everyone should check out.




This month we lost a long time member, Alec Borden. Alec was a key member of our Yacht Club Race Committee. We will miss having him out on the water helping make every race happen like clockwork.


Also, I’m sure everyone has heard that Mike Rossen, our club general manager, is moving on to Meadowbrook Country Club in the metro Detroit area on August 1st. We wish him well taking on a top tier club challenge. Meadowbrook is getting one of the best in the business. We have formed a search committee and things are underway. If you have a great club manager in your “network” let them know that we are looking. If they are not looking for a new a challenge like this, maybe they know of someone who is!


Our planning committee for the construction of a new multi-use golf/fitness/dining facility is at work, sorting through many design and finance issues. These are tasks that normally would be done in a sequential manner, but for several reasons, interest rates and our targeted construction time being a couple of them, we are tackling everything at once.


I hope we have a design wrapped up enough for everyone to see in July and we should be able to discuss finances at about that time as well. What we have seen so far is very exciting!


Enjoy your Gull Lake Prime Time now. It doesn’t get much better than this!