First Impressions


         Well I must say I couldn’t be happier that I started at Gull Lake CC while there was still some summer left! I’ve thoroughly enjoyed getting immediately involved with the many events and it helped me to get my bearings and more quickly “feel at home!”

I feel fortunate to have inherited a strong and dedicated staff, and we will work together to create an exceptional experience and hopefully some added value to the membership moving forward.

This Fall offers a great opportunity to bring some new ideas to Gull Lake that we hope you will have some fun with. Starting in September we will uncork a unique approach to wine tasting- Wine Court; Blind Justice, that will engage the members and create some playful discussion. The November Winter Wine Event will have an expanded selection, giving everyone a chance to shop early for their holiday wines. Plan ahead!

The renovation project will begin in October which means we have to find an alternative location for the Family Halloween Party haunted house. Once again, an opportunity to create something new and different for the kids! From what I’ve observed, our crew will have no problem rising to the occasion.

The holidays will be upon us in no time and I’m excited to see how the club dresses up for Christmas. We will be looking for new ways to bring even more ‘cheer’ to you in December and the New Year.

I thank you all for such a warm welcome and I invite everyone to share with me their perspectives on the club. My door is always open.