Well, this has been one busy quarter at the Club and there is a lot to report!

             Hopefully you've all had a chance at this point to welcome our new General Manager, Tim, Ward. Tim hit the ground running in early August and is quickly becoming familiar with the many facets of the Club.

             There has been a lot of discussion circulating about our upcoming Club improvements. Due to concerns about the timing of these projects we’ve had several committees working simultaneously on the important aspects, as well as prioritization of each.


Here are some answers to your most pressing questions;


· We have selected a new bank and financing package

· Our plans for the West Activity Center (Grille, et al) were approved by Richland Township

· TowerPinkster is our designer/architect;

· We elected to go with A.J. Veneklasen as our contractor to do the project;

· The demolition of the existing Grille building will commence in October (hopefully as early as possible)

· We will be playing out of the trunks of our cars this fall and we are asking everyone to vacate their lockers by September 20th at the latest.

· The project is expected to be completed and open for the membership by late April

· There will be a small assessment


All of this was wrapped up in August.


We will schedule some informational meetings in the near future to answer all of your questions as to why, when and how we are getting this done. Questions already on the list of topics include;


· Why we are taking on more debt and why we are able to

· How we picked and prioritized the project(s)

· How the series of assessments factors into our financing plan

· How we intend to pay down the debt within ten years


There are still some great events coming up this fall at the Club that I encourage everyone to take advantage of; Sailing runs through the end of October. The Vintage Gold  Cup Star Regatta  and Boat Exhibition is this month so be sure to attend and vote for your favorite! Golf will continue until the snow flies. Tennis and Pickleball will run right up until we roll over into paddle tennis season. And then there is an array of dining and social party options to round out the year!


See you soon!

Bill English