Happy New Year!


If you are reading this South of latitude 42, you are missing an exciting start to winter. Looking to the past and future, 2018 has been an exciting year (at least for me). Starting as Club President I remember several people asking me “what are you going to do when you are King?” At GLCC things really do not work that way… I never anticipated that we would be doing some of the things that are “on our plate” now.


2018 has been the year of the committee! If you want to change something, get involved. Immediately after our 2017 Annual meeting, a proposed project by the Tennis Committee (Jen Wozniak) set off a chain of events that had our board looking into everything under the sun. This got our Planning Committee (Mark Weishaar) into high gear sorting through priorities of multiple projects. After that, our Construction Committee (Myself and Mark Weishaar as co-chairs) took the ball and ran with tight deadlines. About the same time last summer, we started our General Manager search Committee (Marta Kwiatkowski).


Recently, our Membership Committee (Blake Crocker and Bill Sikkema as co-chairs) took on distilling down our membership categories and the rules that go along with them. There will no longer be a dining membership offered to new members. Concurrent with that, the Yacht Club (Commodore Bill Hawk) revised the rules for our LYM members and the boat slip rates ($3,000) and “bumping order” for our boat slips. Current regular (Golf) Members will be at the top of the list followed by Social Members.


Recently our Planning Committee has recommended a delay in the Lakeside facility improvements until Fall of 2020, just to see where our new General Manager, new budgeting process, and new Grille Room facility all settle out. This committee is currently evaluating projects at the Pavilion and Tennis facilities that may be undertaken in the meantime. Thank you to all of our Board members for serving your Club. In addition to this, I would like to thank our GLCC staff for stepping up this summer and making things happen when they might not have had their usual leadership in place.


After several delays, our Grille Room project is off and running. The demo is done and the concrete work is underway taking advantage of our unseasonably warm weather. Our early May completion target is still in place even with our late start.


Even though it is January, we are busy planning our Spring and Summer programs. The details of recent changes to the boat slip pricing and “bumping” order of the wait list will be coming soon. I’m planning to attend the PGA Show in January with Dan Urban to check out some new possibilities. There are possibly some changes coming to the waterfront area as well, so stay tuned. Please join us in the Boat Bar or check out the Platform Tennis this Winter if you can. Otherwise, we will see you all in the Spring!