Dear Members,


Come join us on the platform courts! If you haven't gotten a chance to make it out to the courts this season, after the holidays is a perfect time. We have several upcoming adult mixers that you can join in on or join an adult drill. The junior classes have been full of energy and excitement this season. The kids are really getting stronger at playing this sport! If your kids are interested in playing, have them try a lesson.


Are you interested in an adult platform mixer? The mixers allow you to play with different members, while enjoying food and drinks in the warm platform hut, so don’t miss out on the fun! IF you haven’t played and want to give it a try, or need to knock some rust off, please contact me to set up a time. I am available for private lessons or group lessons. If you are in need of a new sleeve of balls, they are always for sale in the front office.


Adult Clinics- Please RSVP to Kelly prior to the drill. All drills are $15. Private lessons and small groups are also available. Contact Kelly to get a lesson scheduled!


 Upcoming Platform Mixers- $15 per member- this includes food and evening play. Each member will be billed for their beverage consumption.


January 11th, February 1st, February 22nd and March 8th


Junior Clinics- New this season, we have been running junior clinics during the week instead of just one day a week. I have seen so many kids love playing this great game. Clinics will continue through March. A few small changes have been added to the Junior paddle schedule which will begin on Tuesday, January 8th. On Tuesday and Thursday, the Level 2 & 3 classes have been extended to 1.5 hours. Both days will now run from 4:30- 6:00pm. If your child cannot make the class right at 4:30pm, that’s okay. I wanted to extend the time so that we can get more play into each lesson. The other change is the Kindergarten- 2nd grade class will run just on Wednesdays for now.