· Ready or Not… Here Comes Spring!

The construction on the new yet-to-be-named building is moving along. There have been some delays due to frigid weather conditions, but we’re optimistic for an on-time finish. In late March we will be

announcing the winner of the “Name That Building” contest. We thank everyone for their

imaginative suggestions and look forward to the ribbon cutting.

· Bye Bye Birds

By now, most or all of our boat slip holders should have received a letter from a local

entrepreneur and, as it happens, a member, regarding a potential solution to the bird droppings problem on the boat covers. This has been a frustrating issue for every boat slip holder and now there may finally be a solution that will make this summer a much more pleasant experience for our boaters. We will be keeping a close eye on this and welcome any feedback as to the success of this project throughout the summer.

· Junk Food & Wine Pairing

Please remember to make your reservation for this event on April 18th. This is not a wine ‘tasting’ but a playful exercise in the ‘pairing’ of wines with foods. This is an irreverent approach to take the intimidation out of choosing a wine with your dinner… and there will be no test at the end!

· New Food

Chef Joe Sedore has been diligently trying to keep the menu fresh and interesting for you. While we continue to make changes, it doesn’t preclude the possibility that we’re still missing the ‘unmet want’ that you might be looking for. Please know that our doors (and ears) are always open, and we welcome your food suggestions.

· Another note about food; it bears repeating that just because the Chef prepares an item a certain way doesn’t mean you can’t order it another way. We can broil, sauté, blacken, grill, poach, make bland or spice up any dish you wish. Don’t hesitate to ask your server for any modification you desire.

You only get one chance to eat dinner each night and we want you to enjoy it.

· Kid’s Camp

Delaney Hackman is returning for her second season as the Kids’ Camp Director. Delaney and I met earlier this winter and spent a great deal of time discussing what worked and what didn’t last year. She is committed to the improvement of this program and we encourage you to enroll your children. It will be better structured, innovative and developmental. All the ingredients of a great summer experience for your kids! Please be sure to look into this.

· First Full Summer

This will be my first full summer at Gull Lake, and I have a great team ready to tackle the busiest part of our year with creativity and commitment.

See you all at the Club!