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2018 summer programming guide


2018 Calendar


March/April 2018 Gull Post



Every Thursday is burger & brew night

every friday is kid's night out

March 2nd: KNO- Movie night

march 3rd: chef's table

march 9th: bourbon & cigar dinner in the grille, kno & platform mixer

march 16th: KNO

March 17th: st. patrick's day party in the boat bar

march 23rd: KNO- dr. seuss party and jr. platform party

march 29th: oberon release party

march 31st: easter egg hunt



Every Thursday is burger & brew night

every friday is kid's night out

april 1st: Easter brunch

april 6th: KNO

april 13th: KNO- Lego Night

april 14th: Tax Break Roll Back dinner prices

april 19th: bells beer and small plates

april 20th: KNO

april 24th: Women's & Men's League opening day

april 26th: spring fashion shopping event & KNO

april 27th: KNO- Space night



Kid’s Night Out

Every Friday Night!


Send the kids to Kid’s Night Out for games, crafts and other activities while you play a round, hit the courts or dine at the Boat Bar!

$15 - includes dinner, drinks and festivities!

Please make your reservations in advance - if no kids have signed up by noon the day of, kids night out will be cancelled for the evening.

Burger & Brew Night!

Every Thursday in the Boat Bar

The kitchen will be preparing a menu of Specialty Burgers & Beer!

Make your reservation today!


Make a reservation today!
269-629-9714 or email Hannah kruse at