2018 Yacht Club Board of Directors

bill hawk

Bill English

Melinda Titus

melinda titus
Race Committee Coordinator

mike macqueen 
Junior & Adult Sailing Program

jon vandermoeln        Star Fleet Representative



Fred Einspahr
210 Fleet Representative

eric messerly
J22 Fleet Representative

gail thompson
Flying Scot Fleet Representative




1.  All races will be governed by the rules as defined in the The Racing Rules of Sailing (RRS).

2.  Boats/skippers are eligible to race after completing registration with GLYC and their individual fleets.

3.  Races and starting times shall follow the approved and published GLYC Race Schedule (GLYC bulletin board and GLYC website).

4. Notices to competitors will be posted on the official notice board located outside the Quarterdeck Room of the GLCC.

5. Signals made ashore will be displayed from the docked signal boat.

5.2 When flag AP is displayed ashore, “1 minute” is replaced with not less than 30 minutes in the race signal AP. This changes Race Signals AP.

6.  The Race Committee (RC) may signal 1 (one) sound approximately 30 minutes prior to the first scheduled starting time.

7. For safety and scoring purposes, each boat shall sail astern of the signal boat on starboard tack, and check in with the RC before its first warning signal of the day. A boat’s failure to check in will not be grounds for protest.

8. The Courses will be Windward-Leeward with marks to port unless signaled differently on the Course Board on the starboard side of the RC signal boat.  An offset mark may be utilized at the windward mark. “T” signals a triangle course.

9. The course and number of laps for each fleet will be displayed on the course board located on the starboard side of the RC boat, reading left to right.  “AO” will designate the “All Others” start. 

10.  “All Others” will include boats whose fleet does not have the required number of starting boats from their own fleet.  Boats sailing in the “All Others” fleet will not have their results scored for their respective fleets.


          Start #               Fleet               Fleet Flag
          1                          Star                Star
          2                          210                  210
          3                          J22                  J22 (white flag with blue J22)
          4                          Cruiser          J24 (gold flag with blue J24)
          5                          Flying Scot    Flying Scot
          6                         "All Others"    Red

12.  The Starting Line will be between the RC signal boat mast displaying an orange flag at the starboard end and the course side of the start mark at the port end.

13.  Races will be started using RRS 26 and the fleet flags designated in Sailing Instruction 11.  The warning signal for each succeeding class shall be made with/or after the starting signal of the preceding class.

14.  Boats whose warning signal has NOT been made shall avoid the starting area during the starting sequence for other racers. All boats shall keep clear (200 feet) of divers and diver’s flags.

15.  In the event of a general recall, the recalled fleet will start after the last scheduled fleet. The warning signal for the next scheduled fleet shall be made 1 minute after the first substitute is removed (1 sound) and succeeding fleet starts shall follow. This changes RRS 29.2.

16.  The RC will decide within 1 hour of the scheduled start time whether racing will commence.

17.  The MARKS will be large ORANGE buoys.

18.  To change the next leg of the course, the race committee will lay a new mark (or move the finishing line) and remove the original mark as soon as practicable. The new mark will be a YELLOW buoy. The RC may display a green triangular board for a change to starboard or a red rectangular board for a change to port. Any mark to be rounded after the new mark may be relocated to maintain the course configuration. When in a subsequent change of course a new mark is replaced, it will be replaced by an original mark.

19.  The finish line will be between the mast on the RC signal boat displaying a blue flag and the course side of the finishing mark.

20.  If the race committee intends to start another race on the same day, it will display Code Flag R (with no sound) while boats are finishing.

21.  Any boat withdrawing from a race should notify the RC as soon as possible.

22.  The time limit will be 2 and ½ hours for the first boat to finish of each fleet.

23.  A protesting boat shall deliver a written protest to the race committee no later than one hour after the race committee signal boat sounds the horn upon docking. All protest hearings will be held at GLCC beginning at 7:00 PM on the following Tuesday.

24.  Each fleet shall publish its scoring system and be responsible for the fleet’s standings.

25. The decision to race is the sole responsibility of each boat, skipper and crew.  Safety of each boat is the responsibility of each skipper.  Neither the Gull Lake Yacht Club, nor any agent of it, assumes, in any manner, any liability for personal effects or the personal injury of participants or spectators involved in these events.